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This is an elite program of only 100 Master Students worldwide. It is the #1 degree qualification for Lateral Thinking in the world. 

The Master of Lateral Thinking is not available from Oxford, Harvard, the Sorbonne or the University of Melbourne but only from the School of Thinking (SOT). SOT was the first school on the internet (1995) and is still 100% online. 

This is a unique, personal and highly bespoke applied academic program with a one-to-one relationship between the student and the Academic Tutor. This is the original immersion teaching method of the ancient universities. one2one. 

To be considered for this program applicants may apply, online, at the School of Thinking Admissions Office to request an Applicant Interview with the Academic Tutor, Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, who is co-founder and Principal of the school. 

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson is a Vietnam war veteran (Second Australian Task Force) who holds the world’s first Doctor of Lateral Thinking (1980),the first ever academic degree in this now world-famous cognitive skill. His Academic Tutor was University of Cambridge Professor Edward de Bono. His PhD Examiner was Dr George Gallup, Founder of The Gallup Poll at Princeton. His lateral thinking project covered 23 New York City hospitals and 40,000 employees. 

In order to graduate, as a Master of Lateral Thinking MLatTh(SOT), the Master Student must complete 400 DFQs online and design an independently valued x10 Project in two years. 

The purpose of the Applicant Interview is to assess the motivation and commitment of the Candidate and determine if he or she can be awarded a place in the program. If the Candidate is successful he or she may be enrolled as a Master Student SOT and be awarded a place in a Master Class of Ten. There will be ten only of these classes. 


For detailed information please review these three links: 

• The Quick FAQs:

• The Academic Tutor:

• The Offer Document:

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