Since the 37th Anniversary in November we have been rethinking the SOT. Time for a transformation. During that time the SOT site was also seriously hacked and that new experience added to our rethink.

We have had many insights over the years as a result of offering online training to millions of people around the world and we are satisfied that our mission since 1979 (to get thinking as a school subject taught on the curriculum) has been well achieved.

The main insight that stands out above all the others is the value of the DFQ (Daily Feedback Question) Method which we use to develop lateral thinking skills. The insight is this:

the more DFQs the student does the greater the lateral thinking skill and the greater the return on the training investment of time and fees.

This pedagogical strategy of daily training was imported from the military leadership training (which is also known as PRR or Practise, Repetition Rehearsal).

To capitalise on this insight SOT will now focus more attention and service on those students that can commit to their DFQ training over time.

From 1 July the SOT will have a new offer: Master of Lateral Thinking, MLatTh(SOT).

From SOT, it is the world’s #1 academic degree in the mastery of lateral thinking. The offer will be launched with a marketing campaign called My Life x10.

The MLatTh(SOT) degree is a two-year programme requiring the completion of 500 DFQs. Those accepted must purchase an SOTuser Licence for $2888 per annum. The user licence includes all tuition fees for a year: 250 DFQs and full participation in the SOT experience.

Thank you for your interest and we are now delighted to present the offer document  … just click …

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