The School of Thinking (SOT) is for mastery in lateral thinking. 

SOT provides students with lessons, with tools and with coaching and nudging, every day. It is streaming daily 100% online.

SOT was co-founded in New York in 1979 by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono.

It was established in Australia in 1988 by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. 

School of Thinking became the world's first school in the cloud, in 1995. It is 100% online.

SOT teaches lateral thinking as a skill because lateral thinking is not natural and not logical. But, it's very powerful and has to be coached and practised to be mastered. 

SOT is more like a dojo or a conservatory than a classroom. It's for virtuosity. For for thought-leaders. It's opt-in. It's elite. It's not for everyone.
SOT's lateral thinking training is science-based. It's provenance combines military science and cognitive science.
SOT has sustained its independence for 38 years since its original founding in New York in 1979 by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono. 

During that time SOT has accepted no sponsorship, no shareholders, no accreditation, no censorship and no bias or direction from any government, non-government or corporate entity. 

SOT has an independent advisory symposium and a portfolio of independent clients it has been recommended by eminent thought leaders and open to media scrutiny while disseminating over a half billion lessons globally since 1979. 

Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, co-founder and Principal of the School of Thinking

Prime Minister Bob Hawke at SOT launch in Canberra, 1988, with SOT Principal Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

On 30 May 1988 in Canberra the School of Thinking was officially launched in Australia by Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson in the presence of the then Governor General of Australia, His Excellency Sir Ninian Stephan AK GCMB GCVO KBE, at the Bi-Centennial Convention of 600 of Australia’s commonwealth, state and municipal statespeople.

After his foundation address, in which Dr Hewitt-Gleeson challenged that “thinking” as a school subject should be put on the curriculum for every school in Australia, Sir Ninian stood and said to Dr Hewitt-Gleeson, “You have just given the best keynote address I have ever heard!”

Sir Ninian was then presented with a Clever Brainusers Software Kit by Dr Hewitt-Gleeson.

Next to speak was the Prime Minister of Australia at the time and Rhodes scholar, The Honourable Robert J Hawke AC, GCL who commended Dr Hewitt-Gleeson for this initiative and agreeing,

No longer content to be just the lucky country, Australia must now become the clever country!

Prime Minister Hawke was then presented with a School of Thinking certificate by Dr Hewitt-Gleeson proclaiming him to be “Australia’s Number One Clever Brainuser” and to symbolise the vast potential of the power of Australia’s 16 million brains.

The historic event was reported in Australia’s largest circulation newspaper, The Sun – (Melbourne, Australia, Fri May 27, 1988): “The education for 600 of Australia’s notable statesmen will begin on Monday (30 May 1988) when Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson delivers the keynote address at the Bicentennial National Congress in Canberra.”

“The Clever Country” mission of the School of Thinking has been to get thinking taught on the Australian school curriculum as a core subject. “If Dr Hewitt-Gleeson has his way, Australian schoolchildren will, by 1992, have the study (of thinking) as much a part of their curriculum as the traditional subjects of maths and English,” recorded Australian author, Peter Fitzimons, in the Sydney Morning Herald (Wednesday September 5, 1990).

In his book, Clever (1993), Dr Hewitt-Gleeson wrote,

If we are to become a clever country and ensure our economic future and our stability as a nation, we may have to focus more on the productivity and potential of Australians as individual thinkers. As a national service, to provide training in thinking to every Australian would be less than the cost of one army tank!

The motto of the School of Thinking is

Nemo Nascitur Sapiens Artifex

“No-one is ever born a skilled thinker”

You can review Lesson One here:

The Story of the Edward De Bono School of Thinking (1979-1984) by [Hewitt-Gleeson, Michael]

Founded in New York in 1979.

One of the great challenges to democracy in Australia and internationally is to understand the lack of political engagement among the young.

Young people are less likely to vote, to join a political party, or to engage in interest groups than at any time since democratization.

The 2016 Australian Election Study is designed to address this question by examining engagement in and attitudes to politics, as well as replicating many questions from the previous Australian Election Studies.

Australian Election Study logo

Other sections cover the respondent’s interest in the election campaign and politics, their past and present political affiliation, evaluation of parties and candidates, alignment with parties on various election issues, evaluation of the current economic situation, and attitudes to a range of election issues including global warming, taxation, education, unemployment, health, and refugees.

Opinions on social policy issues including abortion, equal opportunities, same sex marriages, and Australia’s security were also covered in the 2016 Australian Election Study.



“If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research.”

Albert Einstein

What is a genuine experiment?

A true experiment is blind. It is when you try something not because you know what will happen but in order to see what will happen. These are two entirely different strategies. One is inside-the-square and the other is outside-the-square.

My view of the lack of real experimentation in selling and business has been because of a dominant preference for short term gains. So, there is not such a strong tradition for genuine blind experimentation as there is in science.

Intelligence is something we are born with. Lateral thinking is a skill that must be learned. – Professor Edward de Bono

There is nothing on Earth more powerful than lateral thinking. – Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson


Lateral thinking will make you better …,800x800,075,f.jpg






Mentoring is not how good you are now;

it’s about how good you are going to be …

Wealth: Better decisions = better bank balance

Your career, business, investment and commercial success is directly related to the quality of your decisions. Every day you make decisions that will either increase your wealth or decrease your wealth. Lateral thinking will make you better.

Health: Poorer choices = poorer health

Your physical, mental and emotional health cannot be separated from the pattern of choices you make. Every hour of every day you are designing your future. If your designs are weak your future cannot be strong. Lateral thinking will make you better.

Productivity: Faster strategies = faster results

The possibilities, options, strategies, tactics, pathways, networks and environments that are available for you to think about will either accelerate or inhibit your own personal productivity and results. Lateral thinking will make you better.

Security: Deeper thinking = deeper security

Your survival and growth, in a darwinian sense, cannot be separated from how you make your decisions over time. If you don’t do your own thinking others will do it for you. These other people, institutions or authorities may not do it well at all or even in your best interests. Lateral thinking will make you better.