There are different kinds of thinking. For example …

How does Legal Thinking differ from Science Thinking?

Because the view from inside the box is quite different to the view from outside the box is why there is such a world of difference between Legal Thinking and Science Thinking.

Legal Thinking is about judgment and is the Right/Wrong system. It was developed by the Vatican (based on the ideas of Plato, Aristotle and Aquinas) and then spread around the world in the last 500 years by missionaries. Even today in Australia and the US we still teach young children to “get the right answer and don’t make any mistakes!”

Science Thinking is about experiment and is the What if or Just suppose system (based on the ideas of Bacon, Galileo and Darwin) and was spread around the world in the last 300 years by university journals, independent publishing houses and the media.

Sometimes these two types of thinking are called Black Hat Thinking and Green Hat Thinking and, although there has sometimes been a conflict between these two types of thinking, we really need to be skilled in both if we are to be effective thinkers who can design a safe and productive future.

We need Science Thinking to be able to take broad leaps and escape from current ideas with What if/Just suppose experiments in order to discover new ideas; and we also need Legal Thinking to perfect the new ideas and remove their faults and extract their value with Right/Wrong judgment.

The full code of the School of Thinking brain software is – SDNT cvs2bvs QRH PRR – and the first part – SDNT – is how we teach Science Thinking.

SDNT stands for Start Do Notice Think.

SDNT is a kind of cognitive spiral which is repeated round and round and again and again to help you escape from the box.

First you must escape from inertia and actually start something then you go on and do it (perhaps as an experiment) then you carefully notice what has happened and then you think about it: do I like it or not?

Then you repeat the process … many times …

Start Do Notice Think

Start Do Notice Think

Start Do Notice Think

Start Do Notice Think





etc etc.

The Five Day Course in Science Thinking

Here, in these following five daily lessons (#16 to #20), you can learn the School of Thinking sequence on Science Thinking called SDNT. It’s mind-expanding, it’s fun and it only requires an act of will.

Why not give it a try? …

INSTRUCTION: Just click the audio podcast at the beginning of each lesson.

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  1. In some instances one of the two thinking styles is de rigeur. For instance, science, engineering or agriculture would hardly ever have developed if people stuck to the right-wrong style. On the other hand, in fields like banking, law, and (in a way) medicine, sticking to the rules in force is a matter of keeoping the business going. There mey be fields of human activity where it is safe to observe the right-wrong principle (teaching, cooking, nursing, …), but a well done SDNT cannot harm the same field; it may lead to a better variety of what is now.

  2. I love the SDNT. Indeed nothinh is greater than cvs2bvs if one wants to accomplish phenomenal results in any endeavor.

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