9 thoughts on “#019 THINK

  1. Excellent experiment Eman. Not only are you teaching your daughter arithmetic but, by your example, you are also teaching her how to think.

  2. From my start list, I chose teaching my little girl some arithmetic operations.directly, I started by using what was available to me around to explain practically the concepts she needed to learn. During the dialog between us i noticed what she needed to understand, so that she would gain the new concepts, then I changed the way and restarted with a different point by using some other things in our room to explain the conceptes to her ,her reaction seemed to be different again, and then I changed the presentation of those concepts and both I and she started to talk in a different way.

  3. That’s a very useful insight, Kamyar, the difference between mere two-dimensional goal-setting and a real life purpose. Keep searching.

  4. The main task for me is to decide what is my core desire. What is it that I really want to get out of life in each important areas of my life. Once there is clarity then I can decide what is the best way to get there. I am not talking about just setting goals. Setting goals are okay but there is something more fundamental and emotional about making decisions and discovering what I want in life that will drive me to achieve those things.

  5. After notice I need to consider/think of the clients response to me and of the ways in which I can improve the interaction/ relationship with the client.

  6. Be positive ..i need to think about being positive ; remove constraints first in my thinking .
    I also think i should not overthink …

  7. I need to think about the consequences of doing this the same way each year. Could I create another 10 list to repeat the process and create movement? i.e.

    1. Should I do it more often to get better results?
    2. Should I get someone else to do it who has more experience? Will it cost less than $200?
    3. If I do it once a year over 20 years it will cost $4000. Should I just install a gutter guard?
    4. Can I ask the neighbour to chop down their tree?
    5. Could I move house to a place where there are no trees?
    6. Should I lace the gutters with some kind of flammable liquid and burn all the leaves away in an instant?
    7. Should I not spend any money or time on it, and pay for insurance instead?
    8. Should I remove the gutters and let the rain fall directly onto the ground?
    9. Should I do the clean during the summer, when the leaves are dry, compared to winter when the leaves are muddy and heavy?
    10. Should I trap the leaves in a way which makes it easier to clean?

  8. Thinking is the most essential and often the most difficult operation in most walks of life. One must learn how to thing by learning what is essential in a given situation, how it coincides with other aspects of the same situation, what is the totality of possible alternatives, and so on. There is no end of topics to think about. Mostly we need just some of them and have to think to a variable depth.

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