9 thoughts on “#017 DO

  1. I took a task from my “To- start list” , and started to work…. I found that the priorities were clearly set . That was very satisfying . it’s actually motivating me to learn more.

  2. A way of working out what to do next is to spend an hour making a comprehensive list of everything you might want to do. After you have exhausted that exercise, try ordering the list into priorities using different criteria

  3. I cleaned the gutters. Got the ladder out, found the easiest place to get access and start doing – clean the gutters.

  4. When I do , I am able to find avenues and ways to do it …doing is self sustaining.
    I wanted to walk everyday …i started it ..i did it inspite of rain …and then I get days of sunshine giving me all the more reasons to go out and work. Its like universe concerts and supports a positive , self motivating action.

  5. I like writing “To Do” lists, and even putting the tasks on a time-line. That coerces me into action, and mostly to positive results, too.

  6. I have started one of the tasks in my list. I found it better to try to work out the entirety of the task to begin with the then break it up into smaller tasks.

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