ENTRY LEVEL SOT: In 2017, the entry level for SOT training will be for one academic year of 10 months. Graduates will qualify as Thinking Instructor SOT (TISOT).

CONTENT STREAMS: SOT is science-based and is not for everyone. The three content streams for this program are: x10 Thinking, x10 Selling and x10 Leadership. There will be coursework (see Syllabus), daily audio mentoring and career-related problem-solving required for this program.

100% ONLINE: The SOT campus is 100% online. The school is in the cloud. All SOT lessons are conducted by email. 24/7/365, email is simply the No1 business communication platform in the world. SOT emails save time and money. Whether by smartphone while commuting or by PC at work, SOT email allows employees and managers to efficiently manage communications in ways that fit into their time and scheduling at the local level. SOT email lessons are easy to mailbox and can be stored safely, logically and reliably. It’s a lot easier to organize emails than paper. Lessons can be accessed quickly and easily for study, thinking and review. SOT email allows students to work at their own speed, rather than under the pressure of a conference call or costly in-person meetings. It also means that a good record of the work is maintained for future reference. Used intelligently, email is the superior training, communication and productivity tool. Feedback from SOT students prefer email!

 – Members learn Thinking Instructor training in the first ten months.

– School fees are $100 per month for 10 months (AUD$1000).

– The TISOT program is conducted 100% online.

– TISOT Graduates are registered on the Official SOT Roll of Thinking Instructors.

– Graduates receive the Thinking Instructor Certificate for their Linked-In profile.



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  1. It is my wish to do this Course some day.It is the right move and SOT will in future stand as one of the very best stages for human potential above all how to become a Genius will become a necessity I will envy those who start it now. Great deal.. Can Student get scholarship??

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