This is a basic question I keep asking my CEO clients and I have done so for several decades. What keeps you awake at night?

It’s interesting to note that CEOs of medium to large companies (1000+ employees) are usually pre-occupied with finding solutions for the same 4 or 5 problems.

In 2016 the top five CEO problems were:

1. innovation and creating new customers

2. getting and keeping people engaged in their work

3. global uncertainty and the unexpected

4. shareholder returns and capital issues

5. building (not busting) trust.

These show a mix of the macro business environment which a CEO does not control, and company-specific challenges that require thoughtful CEO solutions with better strategic allocation of resources.

One thought on “What keeps CEOs awake at night?

  1. These problems, with the exception of Nr. 3, are clear cases of cvs2bvs situations. Take Nr. 2 as an example. To allocate resources so as to obtain more engaged and more stable people, I have to know what may resources are now (cvs), and what would people make to drift away (which is the actual switch). After an analysis of that, I may believe that I have a recioe for a better (i.e. more efficatious) allocation of resources (bvs).

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