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We aim to teach metacognition, which is “thinking about thinking”. 
We also aim to demonstrate that thinking skill is not a gift but an acquired skill that can be learned and developed through lessons and practice, like volley-ball, guitar, chess or cooking a soufflé. 
The School of Thinking motto is: No-one is ever born a skilled thinker. 
We explain that if the brain is a very powerful necktop computer (which it is) we also need to upgrade our brain software from 2500 year-old Greco-Roman Logic to more recent advances in cognitive science. 
We teach ‘software for the brain’ and ‘brain apps’. 
One of our most powerful brain apps for people in business is: x10 thinking.

2 thoughts on “How do you teach thinking?

  1. The most straighforward way to teaching thinking is “Leadership by example.” The trainer (coach, teacher, ) gives the trainee a task, for instance how to untangle his shoe-laces. The pupil does what he can, hopefully the best he can. After he reaches >>some<< result (conclusion), the teacher goes through the pupil's thinking process together with the pupil, shows him alternative approaches, and analyzes together with the pupil rhe generalized "cost" (energy, time, material, etc) required for each mode of thinking. The pupil then (hopefully) becomes aware of the fact that most problems can be solved in more than one way, and the "cost" of the solution varies. After so and so many trials, the adept himself starts thinking in terms of efficiency of his solutions, and becomes better and better in that art.

  2. We have a education system that is broken. There is not only a problem with how children think, but also how they are taught and their willingness to be educated.

    Globally the software for teaching children comes from adults, parents, teachers and society they are raised in, which has been hardwired to accept corrupted software for thinking. Its important to keep the self-centered influence of politicians and corporations out of the schools and let the teachers do what they have been trained to do, “teach”.

    To actually teach, teachers need the authority to take control of the class-room and the time to present a lesson plan in the four different ways children can learn.. This means smaller classrooms and less time doing administrative changes and paper-work and more time actually teaching.

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