What if you had a virus in your brain?
What if it was a cognitive virus, a kind of cognitive AIDS?
What would it do to you? How would it affect your thinking?
How did you get infected with the virus?
What personal protection can you have against it?

Every technology has its hackers – those enthusiasts who enjoy exploring the intimate details of the system, cracking the codes and stretching and testing the capabilities of systems. You’ve no doubt read about the security hackers who have ripped-off the identity of millions of individual customers and robbed their banks of billions of dollars.

We’ve seen nuclear hackers who have designed DIY nuclear weapons for science projects and we have online hackers who roam the networks, some for fun and some for mischief.

No doubt it won’t be long before we read of inchoate genetic hackers who amuse themselves by splashing and splicing around in our gene pool.

Hackers, driven by strong curiosity, often just start off by seeking amusement and showing off their skill but sometimes their antics lead to chaos, fraud and very often … disaster!


In recent years, there are state-sponsored hackers manipulating global IT systems by designing viruses that replicate themselves into other systems. Few hackers, whether individuals or state-employed, are competent enough or even willing to fully comprehend the ongoing and real consequences of their viral coding.

Many of their viruses took off out of control and by now have infected billions of computers and smartphones. These viruses are real! They cause real down time, real loss of capital, real damage to equipment, real destruction of databases and real loss of life.

The FBI’s cyber division says that computer attacks pose the biggest risk: “From a national security perspective, other than a weapon of mass destruction or a bomb in one of our major cities. Other than a nuclear device or some other type of destructive weapon, the threat to our infrastructure, the threat to our intelligence, the threat to our computer network is the most critical threat we face”.

US experts talk of “cybergeddon,” in which an advanced economy — where almost everything of importance is linked to or even controlled by computers — is sabotaged and crashed by hackers.


The secretary for public safety in New York state, described “a huge threat out there” against everything from banking institutions to municipal water systems and dams. Any daily cybertransaction can be infected by computer viruses:

  • Wall Street decisions involving the transfer of capital in the trillions
  • credit-card transactions between billions of traders and their customers
  • airline reservations affecting thousands of travellers maintenance
  • command decisions involving hundreds of US missiles and others

The mind boggles at the havoc that can be caused if these viruses spread unchecked. Yet, there is a virus, a particular brain virus, which already exists in the brains of many humans from preachers to presidents, that makes these computer viruses look wimps by comparison. I’ve identified it as ATV.

This ATV brain virus–or meme–is real. It’s seductive and it’s very powerful.

ATV is also highly destructive. Just last century alone more than 26 million humans were killed in the world wars, revolutionary wars, conflicts, pogroms, persecutions, genocides and racial cleansings. It can be argued that many or most of these events were initiated by people infected with ATV and motivated to impose their ‘Acquired Truth’ on others.


ATV in the brain of an unpredictable sociopathic president with a ready smartphone, or even an ATV-infected and radicalised terrorist, could unleash a missile that starts the unthinkable nuclear madness that threatens the very existence of humanity.

ATV in the brain of a Fortune 500 CEO can threaten the survival of the business. In the brains of ordinary schoolyard youngsters with smartphones, ATV can cripple them for life.

And, in YOUR brain???

This brain virus is the Acquired Truth Virus (ATV) and chances are almost certain that you, dear brainuser, are already infected.

In this book you will not only come to understand the brain virus and how it affects your life but you will also find out exactly what you can do to contain it.

You will get immune-building, science-based protocols that a help you protect your brain from viral attack and slow thinking. And, you’ll learn a very powerful tool for increasing your speed of thought called x10 Thinking.

It’s also fun to do.

These brain viruses have also been written about by other authors. Another scientific name for these brain viruses is 'memes' as coined by Oxford biologist, Richard Dawkins, in his book The Selfish Gene (1976). In my earlier books Software For Your Brain (1989) and The X10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten! (Prentice-Hall, 2000) I looked more academically and more deeply into the concept of 'information brain viruses’ that replicate from brain to brain and these earlier works have also supplied some of the research, information and material for this new book.



01        Is it true?
02        Two kinds of truths: REAL and FAKE
03        Radicalisation by ATV

(So far previewed. More to come)

04        Conspiracy Theories by ATV
05        Cybercrap by ATV
06        DOSAGE
07        PROXIMITY
08        SPEED


08        SHIELD:  Protection for YOUR brain
09        THINK:   cvs2bvs
10        ESCAPE:  x10Thinking: 
11        SEARCH:  Ten Ways to Test for ATV
12        RETURN:  Dollarization. Valuation.  Return.    

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