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How to protect YOUR brain
from internet radicalisation,
contagious conspiracy memes
and just silly social cybercrap.


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Bestselling author of Software For Your Brain


ISBN 9780978319409



WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT x10 Thinking …

Larry Page, Co-founder of Google (2013).    I live by the gospel of x10 thinking.

Jack Welch, Chairman of GE (1981-2001)      Michael’s x10 thinking is the value-added role in the management process.

Sir Gus Nossal AC FRS, Chairman of Gates Foundation’s Discovery Expert Group.   I like its simplicity and its directness. I like the facets of humour. I like the design.

Sally Capp, COO of Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.        x10 is a key part of our innovation culture. x10 is leading us to do things differently and driving results exponentially!

Scott Wilson, CEO of iSelect.       x10 Thinking and Wombat selling has now become our corporate mission.

Ross Campbell, Principal RCA Crisis Management.      Slamdunk! What good timing for this. Very relevant values for the current market — who are confused and concerned.

Professor David Penington AC, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne.       Commendably ‘sharp’ and pointed.

Maria Deveson-Crabbe, Telstra Business Woman — Community, Government, 2014. So exciting. if we could de-operationalise bad philosophy we would abound with a lot of x10 energy for fun and work-life balance.

Peter Dale, CEO of Volgren Marco Polo, Australia’s largest bus manufacturer.    x10 is truly such a great concept. Punchy and fresh! Congratulations.

Professor German Spangenberg, Executive Director of AgriBio Victoria.    I loved it! I couldn’t stop opening the file and reading it to the end on my iPad!

Count W. Brind Zichy-Woinarski Q.C.     It gave me much pleasure to read it and brought back some of my father’s sayings and made me remember just how much he taught me.

Jason Crombie, Editor In Chief, Monster Children.      Love it. I like that it’s quick and easy to read, and the information is easy to digest.


Michael Hewitt-GleesonAbout the author:
Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is 'the father of x10 thinking'. He is Australia’s best-selling author of Software For Your Brain, the classic coursebook on applied neuroplasticity. He is the Founder and Principal of the School of Thinking (SOT) which has disseminated over half a billion lessons since 1979. SOT was the first school on the internet with the world’s longest-running program for teaching metacognition thinking skills online to members in over 70 countries. Dr Hewitt-Gleeson is one of the world’s first cognitive scientists and is also the world’s first Doctor of Lateral Thinking. He has personally taught more people how to think in English than anyone else in history. He first published his invention of the universal brain software known as the digital switch--cvs2bvs--in 1984 (NewSell, Boardroom Books, New York, 1984).
Copyright  ©   Michael Hewitt-Gleeson 2016
The moral right of the author has been asserted.  All rights reserved. 

ISBN 9780978319409

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This book is dedicated to Dr George Gallup, market researcher and pollster (1901 — 1984), who brought science to the measurement of human thinking and liberated both the voter and the customer.

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