SOT is famous for its constant stream of DFQs. 24/7/365. 

That's how we have been getting such superior results ... through our online content streaming. Not only in Australia but in the US and around the world. 

SOT developed the DFQ streaming education method in 1995.

If you wish to really build your brain muscles and empower your metacognition skills you can use the DFQ method. 

DFQs are the daily nudges we send you to help grow your skills.

Round Two - Ten Mindful Emojis

We'll now start sending you the Ten Mindful Emoji lessons once again. This time, in Round Two, you can raise your metacognition skill level by doing two things:
1. have a read and pay attention to the feedback comments of the other students, 
2. have a think and then post your DFQ comment at the end of every lesson in 25 words or so. 


7 thoughts on “SOT Pedagogy: What is a DFQ?

  1. A DFQ is a way of putting my brain into a better state for using metacognition for that day.

  2. DFQ is a daily drill to step outside normal thinking and to think in a different way.
    As stated above DFQs = Skill.. You could also say Elite drill = Elite skill

  3. DFQ is a way to daily flex the thinking muscles. Daily Flex Query to improve thinking !

  4. DFQ is the mental equivalent to a biofeedback. “In the beginning there was the question”. And from there Humans moved forward with their mental/thinking evolution. DFQ is most important ingredient in my daily mental diet.Vitamin Q.

  5. DFQ is a conceptual template which I repeat filling with different content- thoughts, I could imagine to use it like some flexible measuring tool to measure my progress, also DFQ is a powerful strategy to achieve the progress that I need to measure ….

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