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PRODUCTIVITY IS MEASURED BY GOVERNMENTS and companies, but it is only part of the picture. A return on payroll, or ROP, is what leaders should be delivering to their constituents and shareholders, respectively.

So says Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, founder of the ‘School of Thinking‘ and prolific author on creative and lateral thinking. In this Insight, Michael discusses how X10 Thinking can assist in growing value, by improving the capability of the existing workforce to make the right management decisions more often.

One thought on ““Productivity + Innovation = Return On Payroll”

  1. If ROP were implemented in reality, there would no longer be any need to talk about lean organizations, productivity improvement measures, goals , etc. These would be implemented more or less by automatically by the remaining staff turning out high ROP. It is the high ROP gang that generate the value added, whereas the others mostly constitute the low productivity ballast.

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