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The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality

The cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman uses evolutionary game theory to show that our perceptions of an independent reality must be illusions.

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2 thoughts on “Your view of reality is not real at all

  1. A central precept of cognitive science is to get a complete understanding of the mind/brain needs studied at all levels. On reality, all kinds of mind control theories have been studied and developed beyond perception to a mathematic certainly as to what the majority of people will or will not do under a set of circumstances.

    The Control theory in sociology is the idea that two control systems–inner controls and outer controls–work against our tendencies to deviate or with the proper stimuli people will deviate. Since the 60’s, this type of maneuvering has been studied and now permeates our global environment through the media, advertising, news, politics, corporations, drugs and medicine, and even what we will or will not believe in the scientific disciplines. Effects are presented in such a way to play on our emotions, so that even an unscientific cause is accepted.

  2. Interesting article. I would argue that observers don’t necessarily have to be “conscious”. A bee observes a flower. And we, walking by, can see it too. I obviously can’t backup any of my thoughts scientifically, but I would consider it a flaw to ignore all possible observers.. even down to the microscopic level. Reality is becoming more “permanent” the more observers there are. And with satellites circling the planet 24/7, some fixed, some polar-orbiting, reality is constant;y being observed now. (in my opinion).

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