“Scientists and engineers change the world. I’d like to tell you about a magical place called DARPA where scientists and engineers defy the impossible and refuse to fear failure!”

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: What would happen if you removed the fear of failure?

DFQ: What if you knew you couldn’t fail?

2 thoughts on “A magical place called DARPA …

  1. I’d probably be as arrogant as Donald J Trump -and like him attempt to do both stupid and unjust things like kicking out 11 million mostly Hispanic/Mexicans in the US who are doing low paid dirty jobs most white Americans don’t want to do!

  2. It would probably be passivizing. Fortunately, there are many projects guaranteeing that one will fail. For instance, riding man of hatred, riding mankind of poverty, making people mentally and physically equal, etc., etc., etc. DARPA is not the only place where miracles happen.

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