Michael's reply:
The missionaries of the medieval Church spread Greco-Roman Logic around the world (the right/wrong system) which is very good at judgment. Today, we call this “inside-the-square thinking”.
However, in a post-Darwinian, fast-changing and hi-tech environment we may also need “outside-the-square thinking”.
Lateral Thinking is very useful for this kind of disruptive, pattern-breaking, innovation. I have the first PhD in the world in Lateral Thinking, so I am in favour of it!


Michael's reply:
We aim to teach metacognition, which is “thinking about thinking”. 
We also aim to demonstrate that thinking skill is not a gift but an acquired skill that can be learned and developed through lessons and practice, like volley-ball, guitar, chess or cooking a soufflé. 
The School of Thinking motto is: No-one is ever born a skilled thinker. 
We explain that if the brain is a very powerful necktop computer (which it is) we also need to upgrade our brain software from 2500 year-old Greco-Roman Logic to more recent advances in cognitive science. 
We teach ‘software for the brain’ and ‘brain apps’. 
One of our most powerful brain apps for people in business is: x10 thinking.

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We welcome you to the School of Thinking (SOT).

Here we teach x10 thinking as a skill

so you can multiply your life by ten.


NOTE: School of Thinking is science-based so it is not for everyone. It is a curated experience for real thinkers and only for those individuals who are interested in becoming highly skilled thinkers.

Apply only by email.


If you are admitted as a School of Thinking member, your personal online tutor will be Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

Michael is Principal and Co-founder of the School and is acknowledged worldwide as the ‘father of x10 thinking’. He is the author of the original text: The x10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten! (Prentice Hall, 2000).

At the School of Thinking (SOT) we teach thinking as a skill 100% online. Through extensive R&D, School of Thinking (SOT) has developed an online pedagogy that produces exceptional positive results (return on stimuli). SOT can do this with any random group and at any random time 24/7/365–and even online in that distracting and noisy environment. Our content area is metacognition which is the development of higher order thinking skills. SOT is science-based and membership is not for everyone. It is a curated experience for real thinkers and for those individuals who are interested in becoming highly skilled thinkers. In addition to basic training in thinking skills there is a Certified Instructors, a Masters and a Doctoral program in Lateral Thinking.

– Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson


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cvs: In Australia, not only is productivity getting lower, jobs are being lost, the economy is slowing and the work ethic is out of fashion; but also, both child obesity AND the adult mortality rate is up.

bvs: What if national service was introduced into Australia for both men and women?

What if it was not compulsory but opt-in/opt-out? What would be the balance of consequences? What would be the value for Australia? The cost?

It is interesting to do a GBB and explore the possible consequences.

There is convincing evidence that the worker ethic would be revived, thinking and leadership skills would expand along with productivity growth. Also, health would improve and the mortality rate would be lowered.

These findings represent potential benefits that are worth hundreds of billions of dollars and go direct to Australia’s bottom line.

The government has already done the research and is aware of this potential bvs but may simply be too politically timid to do anything about it.