3 thoughts on “TED: Your elusive creative genius

  1. ANY creative person follows the path similar to what Miss Gilbert describes. Problem is that we do not live in vacuum, but in time and space. Miss GIlbert’s success would certainly have manifested itself differently 50 years ago, 100 years ago, or in a different environment, say in Nigeria. Also, if she were something different than a writer. The people working on new ways of extracting nuclear power are hardly lesser geniuses than she, but reach insignificant fame compared to that of Miss Gilbert’s. The reason being that their “ingenuity” necessarily is more profound, while the increments at which their results pop up are much much smaller.

  2. The revelation regarding using your expertise as if it were on-loan, or is transient is a helpful concept . further, the fact that at times we should seek to rest and not exhaust ourselves, will ensure that we don’t self-destruct, and ruin what we have commenced

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