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PRODUCTIVITY IS MEASURED BY GOVERNMENTS and companies, but it is only part of the picture. A return on payroll, or ROP, is what leaders should be delivering to their constituents and shareholders, respectively.

So says Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, founder of the ‘School of Thinking‘ and prolific author on creative and lateral thinking. In this Insight, Michael discusses how X10 Thinking can assist in growing value, by improving the capability of the existing workforce to make the right management decisions more often.

One thought on ““Productivity + Innovation = Return On Payroll”

  1. Everything that occurs on planet Earth is subject to an unseen law: that of cause and effect. For every cause, there is one or more effects in peoples lives, governments and corporations.

    Most people can see bad effects, but cannot trace them back to their origin or the cause that produced them. It has become increasing obvious many European nations simply cannot repay their debts, while at the same time, their economies are slowing, and tax revenue is decreasing. It is not spending but the rise in debt from the greed of giving and getting too much credit that causes a financial crisis.

    Keynesian policy has led to a more assertive working class and weakening of the social position of business leaders. This has caused the elite to use their political power to force the displacement of the Keynesian policy even though profits would be higher than under a laissez faire system. The erosion of social prestige and political power is more unacceptable to the elitists despite higher profits. Russia and new alliances of third world countries and those just fed up with IMF & WB, could be the wild card in all of this by pulling countries away from EU & US control of the flow of energy and eventually joining BRICS reserved currency while supported by a gold standard instead reserved US Petro-dollar or Euros.

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