100% online

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime Speed.

Because we are 100% online School of Thinking lessons are not only fast and scientific but also can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at the speed of light.

0% offline

No Meetings. No Powerpoints. No Costs.

Because we are 0% offline there are no meetings, no powerpoint presentations and zero time offline with none of the costs of time, travel and accommodation incurred with all offline meetings.



2 thoughts on “School of Thinking is OPT-IN/OPT-OUT. Students come and go as they please.

  1. In my case I believe I sort of enjoyed my education say upto the 10th class (India). Thereafter attempts at further formal education were mostly miserable. Ofcourse without any stoppage I kept up my self study by wide reading and discourse and conference with anybody I found knowledgeable. Then came my tryst with the SOT. Must say this has indeed been a SUPERB ride. I have thoroughly enjoyed the SOT stuff. THANK YOU 😊

  2. SOT on-line has added greatly to my need to move forward in retirement years. It is as important as my first engagement with SOT in 1980’s. Keep us thinking, Michael, and thanks.

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