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In recent months, I have had discussions about SOT with a variety of CEOs in Melbourne and Sydney. I have been discussing the strategy of RETURN ON PAYROLL by upgrading the brain software of their enterprises.

Last week I was asked the kind of question I like to be asked by a client. Not just, “How much does it cost?” but “Can you outline for me in a few sentences the theoretical underpinnings of your model?”

In other words, keep It simple. So, this was my response in a few … er … six sentences:


The School of Thinking mission since 1979 has always been: WE TEACH THINKING AS A SKILL.
The SOT model of training is 100% online. It is 100% voluntary (opt-in/opt-out). It is daily: 24/7/365.
SOT uniquely combines  modern advances in cognitive science with the train-the-trainer pedagogy of Brigadier Ian Geddes of Scheyville.
The latter, IP used by military science for training young conscripts to lead other conscripts into battle, is a very robust leadership algorithm based on what we call PRR (Practise. Repetition. Rehearsal).
The PRR learning strategy exploits the neuroplasticity of the human brain and is also employed in the dojo, trauma centre, music conservatory, tennis court etc etc whenever the learning goal is not just knowledge but actual skill and virtuosity.
Since Alan Turing, Piaget, Lonergan, Dennett, Dweck and De Bono etc the field of cognitive science has been on a growth curve both in research and application.
SOT focuses on teaching metacognition--thinking about thinking--and applying the strategies, on a daily basis, to personal and professional life.

Reference books on SOT model:

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