School of Thinking teaches X10 THINKING by helping you to understand some interesting and useful facts about basic cognitive neuroscience and lateral thinking algorithms that exploit the plasticity of your brain so you can upgrade your own thinking software … new apps for your brain.

Scientists call this “thinking about thinking” – metacognition.

The School of Thinking (SOT) Motto in Latin is:


In English this motto is: ‘No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!’

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About the forum

There is a lot to love about living, working, learning and playing in the Southwest of Victoria. Our people, communities, landscape, environment and the opportunities available to us, just to name a few. There are however always things that we would like to see improve for future generations as well as those living here now.

As a community we struggle to understand what is going wrong, but readily acknowledge the need to change and strive to improve. This forum aims to explore what is strong that we can build on and what the community wants to change or improve.




About the dinner

Held in conjunction with Southern Grampians Shire’s ‘Tackling the Wicked Which’s of the West Forum’ the evening will raise funds for the establishment of The Greater Hamilton Sub Fund of South West Community Foundation; a perpetual source of grants for charitable community projects within the Southern Grampians Shire area.

Our special guest of honour and Patron of the Forum, Sir Gustav Nossal, will share his work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.