37 thoughts on “TED: How To Avoid Bad Meetings

  1. I have found the most useful tool for a positive meeting in my industry (plumbing) is by consistently
    preparing an agenda, being attentive, keeping conversations on track minimising wasted time, both there’s and yours, lastly thanking the person or group for their time and information and give feedback.

  2. In my line of work Customer meeting are very important and also hard to get. An Agenda is a must a goal is also very handy making sure I use an agenda that is set by both parties has made for much more productive meetings and also made customers more inclined to accept meetings.

  3. Certainly gives credence to the thought of preparing a powerful reason have a meeting… not just to tick the box to say we’ve had a ‘meeting’

  4. no surprises in meetings, give all people the chance to know what is on the agenda and what results we need to achieve from that agenda.

  5. Definitely gets me thinking about what I do. Most meetings are time wasting episodes. It’s at the point where invitations are either not coming through or are forgotten then some guys shows up and wastes 30 minutes of my life. Might need to start hitting the “?”

  6. does get you thinking eh?
    next time I might just click the tentative button, and follow the suggestions.

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