The TOP DOWN LEADER makes all the decisons. His view is 'right' and to disagree is 'wrong'.
He cannot tolerate 'mistakes' nor can he tolerate failure, innovation nor experimental change. He (usually a 'he' but not always) is the Law. L.A.W.
His leadership style is, "When I want your opinion I'll give it to you!"
His senior executives are his highest paid 'decision-makers'. Of course, they never actually make any decisions at all as they are afraid to be wrong. They are afraid of 'mistakes'. They avoid failure at all costs. They don't really do anything productive. They simply look to the leader, copy his words and parrot them off.


Reverse the notebooks! Let the decision-makers do the thinking and the talking and let the Leader do the note-taking.


The BOTTOM-UP LEADER, Larry Page of Google, does this for one day a week ... every week at Google. 

The x10 Campaign

In July 2014 Volgren started the x10 Thinking campaign.

It’s bottom-up. It is 100% online. It is operated by the School of Thinking.

The purpose of the x10 Thinking campaign is to find thought-leaders across the enterprise and create a space for them to develop their speed of thought and innovation skills. In science we call this metacognition or thinking about thinking.

Every day, every participant gets a DFQ–a Daily Feedback Question–a fresh chance to use the X10 Thinking algorithm and this is School of Thinking’s unique and clever trick!

The x10 Thinking campaign provides space for thought-leaders to practice speed of thought every day. Speed of thought is not considered a luxury. It is necessary. It is encouraged, trained and valued.

The x10 Report

The x10 Report includes a selection of non-confidential conversations generated across the company by the x10 campaign and are posted here below …


Posted below is a sample of conversations from employees who participated in the x10 campaign. Employee conversations are evidence of x10 thinking, metacognition, thought-leadership, innovation and collaboration. These conversations are not confidential and are posted here for Participants and observers to read and discuss with team members for thoughtful analysis and evaluation …

I have enjoyed this training course as it has opened up my eyes with the CVS to the BVS. This has worked for me at home and at work using the methods taught to me in this course to open my mind and look at things from not just the obvious but from outside the square. Sometimes the questions were hard to answer but othertimes you would read them and know exactly what you wanted to say.
The guys that work around me and help me, I will make sure to let them know how much I appreciate there support.
I train with my dog for a short time every day and she now does amazing tricks. It proves with continual training anyone can learn to become smarter at what they do.
Plan to practice something that is fun like the juggling, I have done this with my son, it is suprising how quickly you improve.

I think instantly we start out with a CVS when faced with a situation but if we take a couple of steps back and listen to other peoples ideas we get BVS
Disconnect major customer engineering drawings, BoM, amendment from current system. E.g. currently we have to change in drawing or BoM it affects to all buses. We don’t have resources to address this, instead of that if we create unique folder / data base for our major customers who give us 80% of business. (To be specific PTA, BCC and CDC) allowing departments to change drawings, BoM, Process to suit their needs. This will reduce overall burden/pressure from system to change them for all. Once product / system stabilize bring back those learning to main stream.
e.g. if we have to break drawing for insulation kit, because system have one drawing we cannot break that kit. If we isolate that drawing in system and break the kit then it will not affect other customer and models. Once we prove in 6month to 1 year that this is actually helping then we can bring that change that drawing in master file. As currently our systems are putting handbrake and not allowing us to respond to customer needs.
Hope I have clarify my thought.
I always try to find something to laugh at every day it puts a smile on the faces of people around you, just take a look
I laugh because I ask for a simple job to be done and it is turned into a mountain. A bit of humor sorts out the situation and the mountain has gone away
We had a problem moving glass around the factory, it was getting broken so we designed a trolley. This was great but sometimes it was getting scratched. Today we added padding to the trolley which will now resolve all our problems. This has made the way we perform this task even better.
If something happens I think you put the black hat on without thinking but then with a bit of time the green hat goes on
I am looking for health, happiness and maybe a bit of wealth, I am searching for it by the way I live everyday
The hardest task for the day that will take the pressure off the other issues I will be dealing with.
I need to think about the current situation and them think about different options to improve the situation and them get movement by putting them into practice.
I have noticed that midweek people are more settled and motivated at work than early Monday or late Friday
I am going to book the car in for a service, today not next week
I need to get started on the things I dont like so much on my list, not just push them to the end. They can be just as important as the things I like to do.
Talk to the people around you, try some different ideas, walk away for awhile and take a break. Just like climbing the stairs this will help you get a better view of the situation
I feel I am here to learn and explore, also to enjoy things around me. Protect and love family and friends, and give guidance when possible to anyone who may need help
Dont jump in with my first thought thinking it is correct stand back and take a broader look.
hmmm…. I guess it’s doing risk assessments of all the options (x10) of the CVS??
Recently I have had situations where I have been let down and my CVS was owell I cant do anything about it.

Now my BVS is well I can change this situation so this wont happen and put me in this difficult position again.
To me, the main point is the ultimate goal. The topic raised was drug abuse. The main point about drug abuse is not to ban drugs. Banning drugs is only one means of attempting to achieve the end goal, of eliminating drug abuse. Keep your eye on the main point, the ultimate goal. Look at different ways to get there and weigh up the benefits and costs of each. Or maybe I am missing the “main point”?
I will start spending 20 minutes to reflect back on what I have done, acheive and plan for next day.