I was doing a masterclass with a client group today who are senior value advisors to the Tasmanian Government. They are anticipating a visit to Hobart by the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, after the G20 in Queensland. Very exciting.
CHINESE President Xi Jinping will visit Tasmania in November. Picture: Munshi Ahmed/Bloom
We were comparing Chinese Thinking and English Thinking today and, for those interested, these few lessons from School of Thinking might offer a comparison between The Lord in Tasmania and The Master in China ...
#067 http://schoolofthinking.org/who-dr-michael-hewitt-gleeson/about/training/10-dfq/cvstobvs-universal-brain-software/37-dfq/
#068 http://schoolofthinking.org/who-dr-michael-hewitt-gleeson/about/training/10-dfq/cvstobvs-universal-brain-software/38-dfq/
#069  http://schoolofthinking.org/who-dr-michael-hewitt-gleeson/about/training/10-dfq/cvstobvs-universal-brain-software/39-dfq/

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