Science is not about proof it’s about evidence.

That’s why science moves ahead much faster than any other branch of human knowledge. Why? Because there is always more and more evidence, more and more reasons to escape from our CVS and move to a BVS.

It’s the uncertainty of science that gives it speed. Certainty only slows us down.

No-one expresses the intrinsic uncertainty of science better than the great American physicist Richard Feynman. In this very brief video he says:

I have approximate answers and possible beliefs in different degrees of certainty about different things, but I’m not absolutely sure of anything.


2 thoughts on “The Uncertainty of Science

  1. Yes the failures in life are those who remain at all times within their comfort zones, growth and real living of any significance seems to come when we step outside our comfort zone.
    As painful as that stepping out may be.
    We can step out willingly or unwillingly the choice is ours alone, yet if we wish to learn the great lessons life offers we must step outside that lovely comfortable place.
    I believe religions have so much to answer for in holding mankind back, yes I acknowledge they bring many benefits especially teaching the importance of faith, hope and love to having a rich life, yet they pretty well all want to stop us from thinking for ourselves, they brainwash followers into believing God revealed all the answers we will ever need in one of the wonderful books he wrote.
    The problem is he/she never wrote any of them, mortal men/women just like you and I did and when one wakes up and recognizes this, a whole new world opens up and they move from their cvs to a bvs.

  2. Being inquisitive and open to the unbelieable, the unconnectable, the unproven, the unthinkable, the untried, the untested, the serendipridty of life with your a cvs not equal to a bvs

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