The Jorge Way:

The Sayings of the Great Transformationist!

Jorge (haw-hay) Bergoglio is now CEO of the world’s biggest and oldest multi-national, Vatican Inc.

He’s transforming his enterprise in a classic case-study of leadership and engagement in action.

Here’s a primer of his strategic style …


Ten Examples of Leadership for Enlightened CEOs

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Example #1 – Smell like your flock!

Choose leaders who smell like their flock.

Appoint managers who live with their employees.

Select salespeople who know their customers.

Set an example.

Example #2 – Don’t be isolated!

Don’t hide in your mansion.

Be in daily contact with ordinary people.

Eat with your employees.

Coffee with your customers.

Set an example.

Example #3 – Get out of the palace!

Escape from the executive suite.

Get out of the boardroom.

Leave the office.

Get off the internet.

Go and talk to your employees.

Go and chat with your customers.

Do it yourself.

Set an example.

Example #4 – Get out of the limo!

Leave the Mercedez behind.

Drive around in your Ford.

Forget the jet.

Ride the subway.

Set an example.

Example #5 – Make a mess!

Tell your people to get out in the streets and make a mess.

Don’t be afraid to spread the word.

Create bottom-up trouble in the branch offices.

Get closer to the people.

Get rid of top-down managementism.

Stop the meetings, meetings, meetings.

Get out!

Do it yourself.

Do it every day.

Set an example.

Example #6 – Hello, it’s Jorge!

Escape from uncheck.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call your employees.

Call your customers.

Do it yourself.

Do it every day.

Set an example.

Example #7 – Tu not lei.

Be informal not just polite.

Leave pomp and ego behind.

Eschew titles.

Promote intimacy.

Set an example.

Example #8 – Get that thing down!

Discourage celebrity.

Avoid media for media sake.

Get real.

Set an example.

Example #9 – Who am I to judge?

Be inclusive not judgmental.

Take off your black hat.

Think outside the square.

Offer niceness.

Forgive and forget.

Set an example.

Example #10 – Benedict, my mentor.

Consult your mentor.

Value Grey Hat thinking.

Think outside the square.

Seek good advice.

Value wisdom.

Set an example.


2 thoughts on “The Great Transformationist!

  1. For me Good Friday 2015 has been superb just reading this stuff. Thank you very much 😊

  2. He sounds like a very decent man doing his best to transform what I and many others see as an evil regime.
    With luck he will manage to lift the good men and women around him to new heights and be courageous enough to boot the mongrels in the flock out.
    He seems to certainly be doing his best though and I applaud and respect him for that, regardless of my feelings about the Catholic Church and the multitude of evil deeds is has managed to inflict on mankind over the centuries.

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