One of the complaints I hear again and again from most people in business is the amount of time that they waste each and every day in business meetings.

These are meetings where the truth is never told, where decisions are never made and where everyone plays along until the meeting ends so they can rush off to their next meeting.

It’s a very rare business meeting where one finds that there’s not an elephant lurking in the room.

My own experience has been that in nearly every business meeting the room is so full of elephants that there seems hardly enough room for those in the meeting. And, what’s more, the elephants are all naked!!

DFQ: Elephant Spotting is the Art and Science of Spotting Elephants in the Room.

In your next meeting, instead of paying attention to the given ‘Agenda’, you can see if you can spot an elephant in the room.

3 thoughts on “ELEPHANT SPOTTING

  1. Thank you for thinking
    Thinking is the key word for solving
    the world problems
    If we have school of thinking(SOT)
    it seems to be easier to solve
    the problems of the world
    (I hope so)

  2. As a theatre designer, I find most production meetings past the meet and greet to be filled with one big elephant after another. I tend to avoid those meetings as much as possible and make one on one connect with those who I directly need to meet… third person communications is another “elephant” I try to avoid getting tangled with….. I love that the e-mails allow me to communicate directly and allows others to share whatever they wish to as they wish to without impacting my progress…..

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