Doris Lessing was a radical, in the truest sense

The writer and critic Margaret Drabble recently made an observation that I think is representative of the diverse and prolific career of the British author Doris Lessing, who died last night at 94:

She made her own place. She didn’t like categories. She didn’t even recognise them.

It is a sentiment about which Lessing herself left her readers and critics in little doubt. During an interview on National Public Radio in 1984, Lessing was called to account for her move into the realm of science-fictional writing. She was asked:

Do you have some sense of what the role of the writer should be? Is it to show us the world as it is, or the world as it should be, or the world as it might be?

Lessing retorted:

Why do you make it “or, or, or”? It could be “and, and, and”.



  Read full article in The Conversation by Sophia Barnes

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