You can do a lot if you’re properly trained“, so says Elizabeth II.

The Queen of Australia is one of the most successful world leaders still alive today. She has served in her job for several generations and through many changing environments. Here she chats informally and intimately about her own unique life.

It goes for 10 minutes and has several insights and ideas to reflect upon about people … about personal communication, hospitality, recognition, trust, listening, confidentiality, professionalism, duty, continuity and the value of training …


What is the most useful insight you can take away for your own life from Elizabeth’s experience about the value of training?

2 thoughts on ““You can do a lot if … “

  1. Once again thanks awfully for giving us something superb. i’m certain i’d never ever have had a chance to either see or hear this sort of a thing. Thanks. What strikes me is the humanity of the Queen. There is wisdom, there is humility BUT most of all the Queen’s humanity is REMARKABLE. Thanks once again.

  2. What a wonderful example to the world. We all want to do what we choose to do but here is someone who has done a great job of what was thrust upon her at a very early age and has excelled. Training! so important, and if it is for the Queen of England it is just as important to all of us. Doing well what we find ourselves having to do is on the job training for what comes tomorrow.

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