Prince Talleyrand was one of history’s greatest diplomats. The lasting peace between traditional enemies–England and France–has continued for over 150 years as a result of his actions.

His quote is: Only fools never change their minds”.

(from Napoleon’s Master: A Life of Prince Talleyrand)

Question: What about you? What have you changed your mind about?

5 thoughts on ““Only fools never change their mind.” Talleyrand

  1. I’ve definitely changed my mind about my so called superior intellect…ho! ho! ho! superiority? hoo hoo hoo. Looks to me some good sense has managed to seep into me.

  2. My thinking on same sex relationships was once, “if the government needs an executioner to dispatch them all, I’ll give my services free”.
    Somewhat ashamed now I see that I was brainwashed from infancy, possibly by my wonderful father who claimed many of the religions leaders in our community were sick poofters, don’t turn your back on them. Seeing what the Catholic church and other institutions are going through at the moment it was very sound advice, now I’m in my late sixties I learn approximately 1% of all children born have a predisposition built in, that has them love a person of their same sex.
    Knowing the joy I have gained from having a loving wife and family, I these days ask myself how dare any of us deny same sex couples from forming a loving union with the person they love and care most about.
    As for marriage, more than half of all heterosexual marriages end in divorce and yet Churches of all denominations, will welcome and marry convicted rapists, pedophiles, murderers and wife beaters, drunkards and druggies into their flock and happily marry them in a church wedding.
    Now how sick is that?

  3. I have changed my mind on numerous occasions. I initially thought that I would spend my entire working life on construction. But I changed my mind on that and studied electronics, spent 10 years buying and selling ,and repairing television sets.Then i changed my mind again, went back to construction for about 10 years.I then changed my mind again and studied hypnotherapy, counselling and psychology. I spent 9 years practicing psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.
    I believe that flexibility of thinking and a positive attitude are essential for a human to posses if he/she intends to live an authentic life.

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