In the past few weeks I’ve been conducting INNOVATION masterclasses for manufacturing CEOs sponsored by the University of Ballarat and for municipal CEOs and executives in Sydney sponsored by Citywide.

Two things still surprise me: how genuinely interested and enthusiastic are the audiences and yet how little they have actually been taught about the subject.

In 1983, School of Thinking originated the idea of Six Thinking Hats to show that there is more than one way of thinking besides Greco-Roman logic. Today, after 33 years of teaching thinking and training teachers of thinking around the world, it is plain to me that there is a vast, virtually unlimited, number of ways of thinking ( for example, see this Wikipedia list).

There are not just 6 thinking hats, nor 60 thinking hats nor even 600 thinking hats, there are in fact many, many more … way more than 6 billion thinking hats on Planet Earth!

The key is to diversify your thinking. To get you started, here are over 100 THINKTIPS reprinted from my book THE X10 MEMEPLEX: Multiply Your Business By Ten! (Prentice Hall 2000). Click here if you would like to download a free ebook version of The XIO Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten!

ESCAPE: How can I escape?
“Help! I’m trapped. How can I escape?” This is the cry of the thinker. Why? Because THE most difficult feat of thinking is to escape from your point-of-view. All of us are trapped in the special world we create for ourselves in our brain, our own unique viewpoint, our CVS. Your world and my world are different. You are trapped in your CVS as surely as I am trapped in my CVS.

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2 thoughts on “6 Billion Thinking Hats!

  1. Ciao Michael:

    I was pleasantly surprised by your analysis

    of the choice of the new Pope. Your explanation

    was very focused on the essence of this holy man.

    What I read was a 180 degree change from the

    things you said in the past about the vatican.

    May your perspective prove true.


  2. Hello Michael,

    I recently read WOMBAT selling and was impressed; very practical with lots of common sense tips. I have actually recommended it to a client for his sales team. Is X10 MEMEPLEX: Multiply Your Business By Ten in bookstores?

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