Friend of SOT, Graham McGregor, is a distinguished marketing writer, educator and consultant in New Zealand.

Graham’s research gets him to talk to lots of experts around the world about some of their best ideas and strategies. He’s cleverly distilled 18 of these good ideas in his Little Blue Book.

Graham says, “I summarise each strategy in around 1-2 pages so each one is very quick and easy to read.”

— DOWNLOAD HERE: You can click to download your own copy here.

4 thoughts on “Little Blue Book

  1. Hi Alexander and Abdullahi

    Thanks for your positive feedback on my booklet. There are some terrific ideas in this short guide that work well when they put into action. I’m delighted you found something of value in it. Graham McGregor

  2. I thank you for this Blue Book. I got alot of insights here as I pursue my marketing major.

  3. If great people like mcGregor are around the global to impect and market i will say thanks to him.

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