cvs: In Australia, not only is productivity getting lower, jobs are being lost, the economy is slowing and the work ethic is out of fashion; but also, both child obesity AND the adult mortality rate is up.

bvs: what if national service was introduced into Australia for both men and women? what if it was not compulsory but opt-in/opt-out? would would be the balance of consequences? what would be the value for Australia?

It is interesting to do a GBB and explore the possible consequences.

There is convincing evidence that the worker ethic would be revived, thinking and leadership skills would expand along with productivity growth. Also, health would improve and the mortality rate would be lowered.

These findings represent potential benefits that are worth hundreds of billions of dollars and go direct to Australia’s bottom line.

The government has already done the research and is aware of this potential bvs but may simply be t0o politically timid to do anything about it.

4 thoughts on “Thought Experiment: National Service

  1. One of the benefits of a national service scheme is that it could generate work, creativity, useful reconstruction of important infrastructure, education and training opportunities, and lasting civic improvements…all if it NOT oriented toward profit or any notion of private gain. An outgrowth of this could be that thousands of people trained for and experienced in national service projects might later guide their lives by values aligned with the needs of the broader community, rather than the narrow predatory goals of global industrial capitalism. The “bottom line” of the entire planetary community would gain from this.

  2. The Powers that control economy have to make their billions of dollars in order to allow something like that to come into concretion. Maybe the people would be willing to fund and support it with their blood, sweat and tears. Start on small community scale and grow it from there perhaps.

  3. It would also have another benefit which is of such critical importance to intelligent employers looking for new people because all great business leaders recognize the need to hire individuals who have learned; self discipline, taking full responsibility for all we say and do like being accountable, plus the many other benefits that come from learning leadership skills and what real mate ship is and the value of service above self.

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