The war movie that had the biggest impact on my life was a 6-minute film called National Service Officer (click then scroll to bottom of page to see the film), a military infomercial about a place in Western Sydney called, Scheyville OTU (Officer Training Unit).

I spent nine months there in 1967 and, looking back, it was clearly the peak training experience in advancing my professional career in strategic thinking and leadership development.

 The Scheyville Experience is a little known Australian advanced leadership training method developed by Brigadier Ian Geddes.

However, if revived, it’s IP applied value could be worth tens of billions of dollars to the Australian economy in the next ten years.

The SOT training method has been based on the Geddes Method since 1979 which accounts for SOT’s extraordinary results in thought leadership. We pass this on to our instructors, students and corporate clients.


2 thoughts on “SOT Pedagogy: Provenance of ‘The Scheyville Experience’

  1. Tragically it seems it may be Australia’s best kept secret.
    What a crime that it is not in full use today either by the services or as a boot camp for the young men and women who have taken to a destructive growth path rather than one that leads to a rich full productive life

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