5 thoughts on “John Cleese – a lecture on Creativity

  1. 1. Space
    2. Time
    3. Time
    4. Confidence
    5. Humour

    I have just watched the full video on Youtube -“John Cleese on Creativity”. It’s 39.10 Minutes but very much worth your time.

    It reminds me of the “Brain Storming” Sessions that we did at University over 40 Years ago.Create the space and time and a non-judgmental atmosphere and let the ideas flow….
    On one occassion we were considering how the Cattle Sale Yards at Homebush in Sydney could be redeveloped – some bright spark in my tutorial said we could hold the Olympic Games there……….

  2. John Cleese has always been one of my heroes – this lecture highlights why – his book on Families & how to survive them was a masterful use of his therapy sessions to help humanity as well as garner lots of material for skits

  3. I can definately relate to wanting to stop the discomfort of problems immediately. I’m going to try his ‘set time to problem solve’ strategy!

    The idea of humor being useful to think and problem solve ‘serious’ situations is refreshing.

  4. Brilliant insight: most of us get “serious” and “solemn” all mixed up. We could be more creative if we allowed for more humour in our “serious” discussions. Thanks for sharing.

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