FROM IBM’s Bernard Meyerson, Chief Innovation Officer:

The IBM Next 5 in 5, our 2012 forecast of inventions that will change your world in the next five years, on how computers will mimic the senses:

Touch:        You’ll reach out and touch through your phone
Sight:          A pixel will be worth a thousand words
Hearing:     Computers will hear what matters
Taste:          Digital taste buds will help you to eat healthier
Smell:          Computers will have a sense of smell

5 thoughts on “cognitive computing: 5 in 5

  1. With luck the future computer may be able to tune into what we now call “The sixth sense” that intuitive sense that some of the greatest minds and inventors throughout history seem to have been able too “Tune into”.

  2. we will have less time to worry and(will have) more time for living… Robotics, cybernetics and computers will put more life into our lives.

  3. This all is so very interesting! During the coming days I’m going to put an effort in thinking: What could be the the disadvantages of this development.
    Meanwhile knowing of course that this development can not be stopped…

    Will it improve our own sight, smell etc. or deteriorate our senses…!?

  4. Yes we are living in exciting times when we look over even the last five years of technology improvements, but just as “With every adversity comes the seeds of a greater benefit” so does “With every benefit comes the seeds of greater adversity”. Which makes the camp you attended in the 1960’s even more relevant to our youth today.

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