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  1. This is quite a clock! Not only does it tell time, provide current demographic information, and keep one up to the minute on the number of rapes and murders in the USA, it projects global warming, a concern to all of us about now. The version of the World Clock I’m looking at (which for some reason still thinks it’s 2011) says we are likely to see warming in the range of 14.449 degrees Centigrade. If you’re familiar with the writing of Kevin Anderson, who teaches at the University of Manchester and is definitely au courant with contemporary climate science, you’ll know that increases of even four degrees C are likely to mean the end of civil society. Fourteen degrees is unimaginable, if four degrees means sea level rise of over six meters, displacement of hundreds of millions of people, creation of a radically changed and unstable climate worldwide, and loss of most of the Earth’s farmland.

    I wish the darn clock would give us a hint as to when we might see this fourteen degree rise. I want to plan to be out of town when it happens!

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