Many SOT members have asked for access to the SOT Archives and previous but out-of-print publications.

During 2012, Jenks Guo, the SOT Webmaster, has been running The SOT Kindle Collection project. This project includes schoolofthinking/books plan to publish all the SOT works and archives. The collection will be available on Kindle.

The Kindle Collection will be a library of ten BIG books and a hundred very short books.

– BIG book #001 is English Thinking: The Three Methods [Kindle Edition]

– very short book #011 is The Story of the Edward De Bono School of Thinking (1979-1984) [Kindle Edition]

8 thoughts on “The Kindle Collection

  1. This is will surely be one stop for applied knowledge for schooling when potential will be at work for betterment of humanity. Thanks ,l look forward for the great day ahead.

  2. So, when will the collection be available? It sounds like it will come as a package, or will we need to get them one at a time?

  3. Excellent, USEFUL. Liberating books. The concept of cvs2bvs.sdnt.prr and qrh are extremely practical. Ptv is also freeingand opens one’ s mind. The info about the issues with Dr. De bono could be used to see cvs2bvs really work.

  4. The Kindle Edition of English Thinking: The Three Methods is most interesting and inviting to read on Kindle–I am a Kindle fan. Surely glad to hear all the works will be available. Hooray for technology. All the best, Maralee in California

  5. The book Edward de Bono SCHOOL OF THINKING, kindle edition, worth every penny of the US$0.99 amazon charge for it. It´s interesting and motivating for all who enjoy and love the SOT.

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