“Whatever you train every day will give you virtuosity and get the best results. If you use daily personal training in customer service, you will get virtuosity in customer service and get big measureable results in customer service. If you use daily personal training in innovation, you will get virtuosity in innovation and get measureable results in innovation. If you use daily personal training in profit strategies, you will get virtuosity and measureable results in profit strategies”.

– Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, The XIO Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten (Prentice-Hall).

3 thoughts on “SOT Pedagogy: Why the DFQs?

  1. Not only that you get better, but you would also increase the grey matter in your brain which is linked to a healtier,longer life, among other benefits!

  2. Interesting – I find if I give a particular exercise a rest for a day – especially if I am struggling to master it ( say a new chord on the guitar ) – I am a lot better when I start again – the brain training programmes I do also seem to follow this technique as well – asking you to come back every second day rather than every day – they say that the brain will re-arrange the synapses to do it better whilst you rest

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