Once upon a time in America, there were three Presidential Candidates all running for the highest office in the land and all representing the range of possible choices for the Electors of America.

Choice One – Sitting President George H. Bush Sr – Republican

Choice Two – Contender Bill Clinton – Democrat

Choice Three – Contender Ross Perot – Independent.

Here they are at the Presidential Debate. What is so absurdly odd about this picture?

Answer: They all look like schoolboys from the same school. Same uniforms: same shoes, same suit, same shirt, same tie. It’s as if they all had the same consultants telling them what to wear, what to say, what to do.

Tch. Tch. Democracy at the lowest common denominator.

3 thoughts on “A Democracy of Choices?

  1. Three different rhetoric types and plans, but each of their roads would have taken America and the world to exactly where it is today. The Politicians don’t lead or run America or the world, for there are global entities that now know how most people will react to a set of circumstances. Having the ability to use this knowledge is real power. It manipulates, misdirects, and misinforms, so it can influences not only the politicians, but those who vote for them. What can a hand full of thinkers do on a ship of fools?

  2. Their costumes are a little absurd but recall that one of the candidates was absolutely right about NAFTA. It’s the gentleman in the middle, the one who was widely ridiculed for his views and his way of presenting them. But it was the clown on the right (in the photo) who got elected, shredded the social safety net, passed NAFTA, and helped implement the repeal of the Glass Steagal Act. This last piece of work meant the final barrier between the rapacious and amoral banksters and all the taxpayers money had been torn down. The result – the collapse of the world’s financial system in 2008 – will be Clinton’s lasting legacy.

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