The U.S. Air Force just released a jaw-droppingly impressive, fast-paced video on accelerating change, “Welcome to 2035…the Age of Surprise”.

Produced by the U.S. Air Force Center for Strategy and Technology at The Air University, the video was based on Blue Horizons, a multi-year future study being conducted for the Air Force Chief of Staff, a “meta-strategy for the age of surprise.”

“We can predict broad outlines, but we don’t know the ramifications,” the video says. “Information travels everywhere; anyone can access everything – the collective intelligence of humanity drives innovation in every direction while enabling new threats from super-empowered individuals with new domains, interconnecting faster than ever before. Unlimited combinations create unforeseen consequences.”

3 thoughts on “Welcome to 2035…the Age of Surprise

  1. Interesting and scary. We get to choose . If we manage our fear of the onknown advances in technology will enable us to live longer, richer and mabe even happier lieves, but considering todays political drive towards more control we also risk using the fear of what someone, somewhere might do to increase control and deminish personal freedom.

  2. Today anyone can access anything about everything and that also includes a lot of misinformation and misdirection. We need to know when the super-empowered are trying to control our thinking and to know how to react to prevent dire consequences from a lack of taking action.

    Learning how to stop and look in other directions is the key to making our future choices better.

  3. Adam Smith the father of modern economics must be so happy – we are rapidly approaching a “perfect market” where everyone can know everything about anything before making a decision – let’s hope it extends to electing officials whom are actually working for us instead of themselves and that technology like the internet is free not controlled and enables great ideas to come to fruition! Mind you I guess that’s up to all of us as well!

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