cvs2bvs is the happy app.

It’s software for your brain to make you ten times happier. Literally.

It can be downloaded into your own personal necktop computer in just 59 seconds.

Why not give it a try?


19 thoughts on “The Happy App

  1. Interesting lesson. I bought 2 days ago English 123 and this video is a friendly reminder of the book.

  2. It’s a great realization that many of us have experienced yet aren’t fully aware of most of the time. So I think the key is to get into a habit of “switching” yourself to the better view. As always, practice and concentration will help us get there.

  3. Yes , the secret is increese your awarenes. Always you can stop and think what do I choose escape or atack.

  4. The concept of a switch is non threatening. It can be turned on or off when ever one chooses. Then switches come in different sizes. The bigger the switch, the deeper or more complex the thinking

  5. CVS to BVS requires awareness that the switch is available. One can defend or escape, and with awareness (or metacognition), one can do this by choice. Escape can provide the opportunity to produce 10X better results in tangible reality or in personal happiness.

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