Last night I watched two exciting orchestras in an awesome playoff at the Melbourne Town Hall MSO 2102 Season. One was, of course, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra conducted, for the first time, by Sir Andrew Davis. The other orchestra was the Melbourne Grand Organ, the largest in the southern hemisphere, played by the freaky genius, Cameron Carpenter, who’s been called a ‘Mozart’. Wow!

They played together a thrilling and overpowering concerto by Poulenc. One orchestra was played by 100 of Melbourne’s most gifted musicians. The other orchestra was played by one young American organist.

Guess which orchestra kicked the other orchestra’s ass?  A-mazing!!

Here’s a warm-up fun piece you’ll recognise:

Here’s Cameron Carpenter playing all the difficult ones:

He’s playing again on Monday night … can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “What kind of a brain can do this?

  1. A great experience. A combination of a supernatural player with an amazing instrument give the work of an ingenious composer a life beyond the ordinary. Thank you for posting it.

  2. i certainly do not have the vocabulary to adequately describe my exerience. However, if he can fine the skill, coordination, meory, passion to perform in thast wsy, with effort and time, I should b able to perceive and concieve a collage I others would call phenomenial.

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