The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking. Author Oliver Burkeman argues that we’ve created a culture crippled by the fear of failure, and that the most important thing we can do to enhance our psychoemotional wellbeing is to embrace uncertainty.

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  1. Uncertainty is the only really certain phenomenon occurring in nature. Although human attention to uncertainty is probably as old as humanity itself, a scientific exploration of this phenomenon started only 500 years ago, with the introduction of probability. Many people think until today that probability is a panacea. Unfortunately, it is not. It only covers phenomena that are probabilistic. Fifty years ago, professor Zadeh of Berkeley (still active) developed a theory for possibilistic phenomena, i.e. ones that are possible (they can happen), but there is no probability to be assigned to them. In the decades that followed, additional possibilistic theories were developed: Rough sets (Pawlak, Poland) and Grey sets (Deng, China). There is an increasing volume of knowledge (better said ignorance) that has to be processed before we get a clearer image of what uncertainty really is and how to approach it. From the vantage point of this article, uncertainty, in any of its many manifestations, is the chief cause of fear and unhappiness.

  2. The most important aspect a person should have is a realistic attitude. To be aware of the incredible potential that exists in every one of us, if we tap into it, but also the possibility that i may not have my hopes and dreams realized. Through no fault of my own, the world can deliver some cruel blows. If I have the courage, and realize that this is what living is all about, to embrace the uncertainty, the setbacks, the successes, the failures as all part of living, then I shall have lived well!

  3. I love to hate this sounds satanic but I wouldn’t want to get stuck in a ptv either way. Cvs 2bvs.

  4. One of the world famous books Dale Carnegie wrote was; How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, it highlights your point. He said we need to ask ourselves What is the worst that can possibly happen? Then be prepared to accept it. This allows you to move on and do all you can to improve on the situation.
    I personally believe that negative thinking gets you nowhere, while positive thinking at the very least sets you on a path leading to a richer fuller life.
    At almost seventy years of age I still pass for being under fifty, walk ten kilometers a day and have more energy than many aged in their thirty’s.
    The negative friends I kept in touch with over the years who hated the idea of positive thinking unfortunately are now all dead.

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