4 thoughts on “The Amazing Colour-changing Card trick!

  1. When I lived in the USA, one of my colleagues, who also was the president of the association of magicians, gave I course in magic at the City College. I attended it. What he stressed, based on his enormopus experience, was that “seeing is believing.” Consequently, I learned, for instance, how to slam a coin through the desk top without damaging the desk, or tear a newspaper into pieces and then wave it in the air: the paper was undamaged. Seeing is believing, after all.

  2. This is a built in function of our brain, the ability to focus. Without it, we would go nuts with the overwhelming amount of data reaching us every moment. Of course, with practice, we can extend the spectrum of our attention to process a wider channel of data stream. So now we have established that an untrained mind will focus on one focus point, the question is: how to train ourselves to manage multiple focus points simultaneously?

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