What is a slow thinker?
Most people are not x10 thinkers. It’s not because of their brain but because of their brain software.

Many people are slow thinkers, not because they are short on brainpower, but because they’re using very sluggish, outdated brain software that favours only the left half of their brain. The ‘thinking software’ they were taught to think with slows them down. It’s inside-the-box thinking.

How fast can you think?

Answer these five questions:
–  In any situation can you instantly know how you feel about it?
–  When criticised can you quickly defend your opinions?
–  Is it easy for you to see the logical errors in the thinking of others?
–  Are you good at convincing others when your point-of-view is right?
–  When faced with a decision can you quickly see the obvious alternatives and choose the best one?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then chances are your thinking is much slower than it need be and you can easily double your speed of thought.

What’s the problem here?
It’s the 2500-year-old left-brained Greco-Roman software – logic – which was spread around the world via the European education system during the second millennium and is so sluggish. It’s black hat thinking. Many people are still stuck with logic, based on the I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong method, so that’s as fast as they can go.

Why is logic so slow?
Starting from the conflict-based I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong premise logic traps the thinker into defending his viewpoint against any suggestion of change (because “I-am-right!”). It becomes difficult, even impossible, for the thinker to escape from his own point-of-view. To think outside-the-square.

Programmed into your brain by the education system logic was designed by the Roman church for Europe and then spread around the world by missionaries. It was imported into Australia, along with rabbits, 200 years ago. Designed to defend ‘truth’ logic is driven by judgment.  Once the thinker judges something as either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ their enormous brainpower is then devoted to defending that opinion. This makes it very difficult for the thinker to escape from his opinion to find a much better one.

Arguments are tedious and drawn-out. Change is slow, protracted and time-consuming. That may have been OK for Europe in the middle ages but it’s not OK for Australia in the new millennium. In today’s world the imperative is velocity. We need to be speed thinkers.

What benefits you can expect from being a Speed Thinker?
Pump up both sides of your brain. Your brain is a powerful machine. Like a Formula One racing car, it’s more efficient at higher speeds. There are many benefits from accelerating your speed of thought. The faster you read, for example, the higher your comprehension because your brain is operating more efficiently at the faster speed. The same applies to your speed of thought. The faster you think, the higher the quality of your decision-making.

Also, by doubling your speed of thought you will:
-  Be more open-minded.
-  Be able to see more opportunities.
-  Be better at solving problems.
-  Enjoy making better and faster decisions.
-  Be more effective at planning.
-  Get much better results.
-  Find it easier to be creative.
-  Be able to take advantage of changes in circumstances.
-  Get things done.
-  Think more efficiently and worry less.
-  Own a basis for a higher communication with others.
-  See information in new and more useful ways.
-  Learn the skill of XIO THINKING.
-  Generate better and better alternatives.
-  Raise the level of every other thought-based skill you possess.
-  Apply these new skills to your personal and family life.
-  Be more productive with business and work problems and opportunities.
-  You will be an XIO Thinker!

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I have been using cvs2bvs to improve my chess game and as a way of measuring the effectiveness of cvs2bvs. Not only does it help to produce a far higher percentage of successful results it also allows me to notice what my previous strategy was and BVS that too. I have found that by measuring the effectiveness of cvs2bvs builds confidence in it as a tool, and this confidence appears to automatically trigger this switch without conscious effort.


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