Nothing has changed the business environment more than the WWW in the last 20 years. Now, with the Apple platform and its glittering array of devices supporting Facebook, Twitter and Google the customer is not only right … the customer rules!

Customers today, in their own right, are global publishers, broadcasters, niche marketers, content-providers, network producers and political revolutionaries … and they are well aware of the fact.

The problem is that sales and businesspeople have been very slow in adapting to this new environment.

To help salespeople and businesspeople solve this problem I’ve written WOMBAT Selling: How to sell by Word of Mouth.

– A WOMBAT is a satisfied customer who replicates another satisfied customer.

– W.O.M.B.A.T. = Word Of Mouth Buy And Tell.

– A WOMBAT is a customer who is so satisfied about your offer or your business communication that she/he passes it on to those in his/her business or social network. Pass it on. Pass it on. Pass it on.


5 thoughts on “NewSell and WOMBAT Selling

  1. I could use the dollarizing technique to compare quotations to buy insurances for house, car and life, etc. In evaluation Public Tenders, dollarizing could easily be used to show the benefit of selecting a better Contractor whose tender price may be higher than the lowest tenderer.

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