Metacognition is the highest state of awareness.

It’s actually thinking about thinking. Or, it’s being aware that one is aware. Metacognition is being aware of one’s thinking and directing one’s thinking in a deliberate and strategic way. It’s choosing which way to think.

Since 1979, School of Thinking has been the leading program in the world for teaching metacognition. The three ascending thought bubbles in the School of Thinking logo are there to represent the process of metacognition … from cvs to bvs to bvs …


8 thoughts on “METACOGNITION: What’s the fuss?

  1. What is greater than having a conscious awareness of ones thinking process. I mean conscious awareness deliberately and even manage it to what we wantsIn meditation we want to stop that awareness within us. METACOGNITION stand-out as the best way to describe how we function in our ability to think. Just imagine the process and feel through deliberate observation and see it yourself. Michael you are correct 100%. Thanks

  2. Isn’t it profound if not obnoxious that neither thinking nor communication were ever considered important enough to be formally taught? Or is it that their roots are experential?

  3. thinking is a skill no one is born with, it is a learned behavour
    that takes practice,
    thinking about thinking we learn if their response to questions have been well thought out,

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