Once you see this, you will be blown away. If you have never seen this before, you are in for a treat. Some of us wonder what the best computer is in the world. It has to be … a human brain!!

8 thoughts on “A human brain …

  1. What????

    That is incredible, amazing!!!

    The kind of power the human mind has is just mind boggling. It would be interest to know how one can improve their own memories to that kind of level

  2. Everage person finds it hard to remember what one is consciously trying to remember specific information in one’s memory. Stephen is unbelieveable. With his photographic memory, he would be one of the world smartest person.

  3. I struggle with spatial replication in my cognition exercises so this blew me away. Thank the stars I am better at remembering objects and sounds – amazing video.

  4. There must be others out there with phtogenic memories;
    human necktop computer brain power certainly mind boggling.
    our undeveloped senses smell,hearing.touch,ect should make sure,
    humans brainpower contiues to lead computer power in near future

  5. Maybe we never can understand because we judge the brains capability through our own limited perspective until some unannounced experiene persuades us otherwise. It is as though our expectations is an invisible filter.

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