4 thoughts on “World Health and Wealth in 200 Years

  1. i have seen this many times and have shared it with many people. i love watching it and never tire of it. it is scary though. without a global sustainable strategy the next 200 years will be very different for the 200 countries plotted here. we can continue to have growth and prosperity but not without cheaper alternative fuels, a solid food strategy, a clean waterpolicy and a renewable everything plan. the next 200 years of growth can not be supported with existing activies. what is needed is a X10 plan for almost everything and as much new technology as possible needs to be pursued with gusto and brio

  2. Great demonstration and example of creative thinking using technology to help even those of us who may be blind, to now see.
    The great news is that we who are alive today may see even greater progress over the next 20 years than all the gains made over those last 200. But let us not lose sight of the simple pleasures of life, like growing a vegetable garden, or helping one another along in this journey, while also removing bigotry hatred and poverty from our societies.

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